Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interest

The Fair Political Practice Commission (FPPC) requires city clerks who maintain a website to post a notification on the website related to Form 700's for 87200 Filers (Sec. 87505), which are listed below:
Rose Espinoza, Mayor
Jerry Powell, Planning Commissioner
James Sadro, City Manager
Tim Shaw, Mayor Pro Tem
Mark Handler, Planning Commissioner
Richard Jones, City Attorney
James Gomez, Councilmember
Dawn Holthouser, Planning Commissioner
Melvin Shannon, City Treasurer
Tom Beamish, Councilmember
Michelle Bernier, Planning Commissioner

Michael Blazey, Councilmember
Ray Fernandez, Planning Commissioner

Copies of the Statements of Economic Interest Form for the aforementioned filers may be obtained by visiting the following agencies:

City of La Habra                                                       Fair Political Practice Commission (FPPC)
City Clerk's Office                                                    428 J Street, Suite 620
201 E. La Habra Boulevard                                   Sacramento, CA 95814
La Habra, CA 90631

They are also available in electronic format on the FPPC's website.