County Island Annexation


The City of La Habra is investigating the possible annexation of six unincorporated County islands located within the City’s Sphere of Influence. Each island ranges from 2.4 to 78.4 acres in size and all are located north of Whittier Boulevard.  Specific details for each island are as follows:

Island Name
Residential Units
Size (Acres)

  • Click Here for Annexation Frequently Asked Questions and Staff Reports
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On May 1st, 2017, the La Habra City Council considered filing an application with the Orange County Local Area Formation Commission regarding the proposed annexation of the County Islands.  At that time, the City Council directed staff to provide additional information on the City’s website about the annexation and what potential impacts it may have for island residents.  The link below contains answers to several Frequently Asked Questions from island residents as staff reports on the annexation.

It should be noted that the La Habra City Council is tentatively scheduled to again consider annexation on November 6, 2017.  The City will provide more specific information on that meeting date and time with island residents and other interested parties in advance.  Should individuals have questions regarding the annexation, please contact the City of La Habra Community Development Department at 562-383-4100.  If you prefer, you may email your question to