Large & Miscellaneous Items

Reusing items is part of the recycling process and helps to extend the useful life of a product. Instead of sending your old home or office furniture to the local landfill, wasting valuable space and taxpayer money, you could offer its reuse to someone else who has a use for it or the time to refurbish it. The following are several options for recycling and reusing your old discard items.

California Materials Exchange (CalMAX)

The CalMAX website is a free online materials exchange service run by the State of California designed to help businesses, organizations, local governments, industry, schools, and individuals find markets for nonhazardous materials that may otherwise be discarded.


The Earth911 website is a useful site to learn about recycling and reusing various home and office products and household hazardous waste items.

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill accepts items in gently used working condition. Items must be in good condition: not be ripped, torn, stained, or have major scratches. Goodwill also accepts e-waste items that contain electronic circuitry, whether working or not, but cannot accept items that may dispense hazardous fumes, liquids or gases.

Waste Prevention World

The Waste Prevention World website focuses on the 1st component of the waste management hierarchy, waste prevention, and finding creative ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce both at home and on the job.

Reuse Links & Resources

The Reuse page on the CalRecycle website is a compilation of links and resources of reuse opportunities available both in California and nationally from well known and less well-known organizations.