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Thank you for wanting to connect with us here at the City of La Habra. There many ways to communicate with us, and we want to you to do so in whatever manner is easiest and necessary for you! If you can get a hold of us directly to answer your question or solve a problem, we would be happy to do so. If you know exactly what department or division you would like to contact, feel free to click on a link to the right then choose an email, phone number or address to connect with City staff. Please note that some departments and divisions will have different office hours.

If you are unsure of who you need to speak with, if you need help deciding who to connect with and/or do not know where to locate them, please send us a request through our Contact La Habra link and follow the steps required.

We value you as our resident, visitor or business owner and want your needs to be met here in La Habra.

You may also download the 2015 City Hall Administrative Calendar & Important Phone Number (PDF) for reference. This document includes City Council meetings, when City Hall is open and key City phone numbers.