AB 1234 Ethics Training

On October 7, 2005, the Governor signed Assembly Bill No. 1234, which requires specified local agency officials (elected or appointed); including commissions, committees, boards, and other local legislative bodies (as defined in California Government Code Section 53234-53235.2), that receive compensation, salary, or stipend for their service, or are reimbursed for their expenses to receive training in public service ethics laws and principles every two years.  Local agencies also have the option of requiring certain employees to receive this training.  The City requires its designated employees who file 700 forms to receive this training.

The Fair Political Practice Commission (FPPC) offers a self-serve online training program. The online training is self-paced and allows persons to log off or login and continue the test where they left off. However, if the training is completed in less than two hours, persons will be asked to participate in a Supplemental Ethics Training Course to assist in meeting the two-hour training requirement.  We urge all persons to please allow ample time to ensure that the test is completed by the due date.  Certificates must reflect a minimum of two hours or more took place in order to satisfy the training requirement.  At the completion of the course, all designated persons are asked to please print out and sign the certificate, keep one copy for your records, and provide the City Clerk’s Office the original certificate with a wet signature by or before the deadline.

California Fair Political Practices Commission AB 1234 Local Ethics Training online course. Link

Thank you for your interest in Ethics Training. If you have any questions please contact the City Clerk’s Office at cc@lahabraca.gov or 562-383-4030.