A Brief History

The Ready S.E.T. OC Program started out as the Orange County Youth Center (also known as OCYC) which began more than 42 years ago, when the City of La Habra began to operate workforce development programs for youth and adults under the Manpower Development and Training Act, a United States federal law enacted in 1962 to train workers and provide them with employment. Workforce Development laws may have changed throughout the years, but the City of La Habra has remained constant in the delivery of employment and training programs. 

Beginning in 2004, the City of La Habra began exclusively providing services to at-risk youth, ages 17-24, from funding under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), through a grant administered by the Orange County Workforce Development Board (OCWDB). Many years after that, our program has changed to providing services to all of Orange County and providing services to youth ages 14 to 24.

In 2012, John Muir Charter School joined the OCYC as an on-site partner providing an accredited high school diploma completion program to youth ages 16-25. 

If attending school full time is not a possibility, the OCYC added CalPac as a partner in 2018. CalPac’s Pathways Academy offers students 19 to 24 a chance to earn their accredited high school diploma online at their own pace.

Later on, the OCYC partnered with Learn4Life and CCPA.

Around 2021, the OCYC turned into the Ready S.E.T. OC Program and continues to grow in partnerships and helping youth 14 to 24 years old age.