Sign Code Update

Comprehensive Sign Code Update

The City of La Habra has initiated a comprehensive sign code update in order that the City may reach its goal of being "a city characterized by its well-designed, high quality, and distinctive public and private signs that contributes to La Habra's appearance as an attractive place to live work and trade."

The proposed update will involve repealing La Habra Municipal Code (LHMC) Chapter 15.40 under Title 15 Buildings and Construction and replacing it with LHMC Chapter 18.23 under Title 18 Zoning. In line with the City's policies, the updated sign code will require that signs on private buildings be designed to exhibit a high quality of interest and visual appeal; be integrated into and reflect the building's architectural design character; and sized to not overwhelm it's scale and mass. Furthermore, new signs will be expected to be appropriate to the use and location and not be visually intrusive.

It is anticipated that the proposed sign code update will:

  • Be reformatted and revised to make it easier to read and understand. For the most part, many of the existing sign standards will remain the same and simply carried over into the new sign code chapter;
  • Comply with all Federal and State Laws including, but not limited to, constitutional rights guaranteeing free speech and due process. Sign standards will be content neutral and regulate time, place and manner only and;
  • Include new regulations for certain signs that were not previously addressed such as canopy/awning signs, menu boards, and gas video pump-top displays, etc.

In this effort, City staff has been conducting outreach regarding the sign code update. The proposed sign code update was first introduced at the City's Top 25 business luncheon on April 25, 2023 and a sign code workshop was held on June 28, 2023 which was promoted by the La Habra Chamber of Commerce and Community Development Department. For more information regarding these past events, please click on the following:

Sign Code Presentation to the City's Top 25 Businesses

Sign Code Workshop Presentation 

The proposed draft sign code regulations are available for further public review and comment. To access the draft sign code regulations, please click on the following:

Draft Sign Code Regulations

Staff will be taking the next steps by presenting the draft sign code regulations to the Planning Commission in Fall of 2023 for their recommendation and ultimately, to the City Council for approval and adoption. For more information and/or questions, please contact staff by calling (562) 383-4100 or email,