City Fire Inspection & Permit Program

The City of La Habra manages a comprehensive inspection and permit program to ensure that businesses are operating within the highest fire safety standards specified by the Uniform Fire Code. As part of the business license process, the Fire Department conducts an annual inspection and issues permits for various activities, including certain equipment, practices, materials, etc. Oftentimes, these activities and materials are hazardous or pose a fire or safety threat to the surrounding area. The annual inspections and permits are necessary to ensure the health and safety of workers, residents, business owners, adjacent properties and the community as a whole.

Los Angeles County Fire Department

General fire services for the City of La Habra are provided by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The City is proud of the quality of fire service that we are able to provide through this agreement, and the Department performs the business inspections on behalf of the City. The City charges various fees associated with the performance of these inspections and issuance of permits. These fees are listed on each business's annual business license renewal. These fees are established based on an independent consultant's in-depth study and include many factors, such as the City's time and materials and costs associated with fire services. Please note that the City legally may not charge a fee that is higher than the cost of providing the service, and all of the fire inspection and permit fees have been set below the threshold, in some cases 50% below the actual cost.

Improving Public Safety

It is the City's goal to improve public safety in our community, and your cooperation greatly assists us in this effort. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the Community Development Department at 562-383-4100.