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Comprehensive Sign Code Update

The City of La Habra has initiated a comprehensive sign code update in order that the City may reach its goal of being "a city characterized by its well-designed, high quality, and distinctive public and private signs that contributes to La Habra's appearance as an attractive place to live work and trade."

The proposed update will involve repealing La Habra Municipal Code (LHMC) Chapter 15.40 under Title 15 Buildings and Construction and replacing it with LHMC Chapter 18.23 under Title 18 Zoning. In line with the City's policies, the updated sign code will require that signs on private buildings be designed to exhibit a high quality of interest and visual appeal; be integrated into and reflect the building's architectural design character; and sized to not overwhelm it's scale and mass. Furthermore, new signs will be expected to be appropriate to the use and location and not be visually intrusive.

It is anticipated that the proposed sign code update will:

  • Be reformatted and revised to make it easier to read and understand. For the most part, many of the existing sign standards will remain the same and simply carried over into the new sign code chapter;
  • Comply with all Federal and State Laws including, but not limited to, constitutional rights guaranteeing free speech and due process. Sign standards will be content neutral and regulate time, place and manner only and;
  • Include new regulations for certain signs that were not previously addressed such as canopy/awning signs, menu boards, and gas video pump-top displays, etc.

In this effort, City staff has been conducting outreach regarding the sign code update. The proposed sign code update was first introduced at the City's Top 25 business luncheon on April 25, 2023 and a sign code workshop was held on June 28, 2023 which was promoted by the La Habra Chamber of Commerce and Community Development Department. For more information regarding these past events, please click on the following:

Sign Code Presentation to the City's Top 25 Businesses

Sign Code Workshop Presentation 

The proposed draft sign code regulations are available for further public review and comment. To access the draft sign code regulations, please click on the following:

Draft Sign Code Regulations

Staff will be taking the next steps by presenting the draft sign code regulations to the Planning Commission in Fall of 2023 for their recommendation and ultimately, to the City Council for approval and adoption. For more information and/or questions, please contact staff by calling (562) 383-4100 or email,

Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

In April 2021, the City adopted an inclusionary housing ordinance to help meet the housing needs of the community and provide for more affordable housing. The ordinance provides that for projects with 10 or more units, the developer must set aside 15% of the total units or provide an equivalent in-lieu fee for housing affordable to households of very low, low, or moderate incomes. Inclusionary housing units at an affordable cost will implement the goals and objectives of the Housing Element update and help meet the city's regional share of housing needs.

Ordinance 1833 - Inclusionary Housing Units

Accessory Dwelling Units 

On June 7, 2021 the City Council approved amendments to LHMC Section 18.12.150 Accessory Dwelling Units. 

The City has adopted Ordinance 1835 which reflects the changes to the ADU requirements.

ADU Ordinance Summary PDF

Senate Bill 9 Summary

On September 16, 2021 the Governor of California approved SB 9 which amended the Government Code related to Housing Development, approvals. Two sections were added related to the development of two residential units within single family residential zones and urban lot splits within single family residential zones.

SB 9 Summary PDF

Preparation of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Documents

All Negative Declaration, Mitigated Negtive Declaration and Environmental Impact Reports for projects proposed within the City of La Habra that are not exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act will be prepared by third party consultants contracted by the City and paid by the applicant.

Planning Department Memorandum

Payment Options using Online Portal

The following credit card and check payment options are available for your electronic Planning permit applications and entitlements.

Please initiate the process by contacting the Planning Department at (562) 383-4100. Once you receive the invoice from the project planner,  you may process your payment using our online payment portal. To initiate payment process:

  • Type receipt number in the appropriate field and verify.
  • When payment is complete you will receive a payment confirmation.
  • Forward payment confirmation to the project planner.
  • Staff will continue processing when payment confirmation is verified.

Credit Card must be Visa or Master Card, invoices exceeding $5,000 must be processed by check and delivered via mail or drop box only.

Check by Mail or Drop Box. Make checks payable to City of La Habra. Include a copy of the invoice and place in a sealed envelope to:

Finance Dept.

C/O Planning Department 

110 E. La Habra Blvd.

La Habra, CA 90631

Payments that do not include an invoice will not be processed.

Residential Landscape Water Efficiency Video

An informative video regarding the Model Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance has been created to assists homeowners visualize the City's guidelines and code requirements. Please click on the link to view: 

La Habra Residential Landscape Water Efficiency video (YouTube).  

Cannabis Distribution Facility Applications

The City Council has authorized up to four (4) Cannabis Distribution Facility permits subject to the requirements of Chapter 18.22 of the La Habra Municipal Code (Ordinance Number 1791 (PDF)). The City has approved three (3). Directly below are links to:

Cannabis Business Application Submittal Guide (PDF)

Cannabis Business Permit Application Checklist (PDF)

Cannabis Business Permit Application (PDF)

MX Mixed Use Overlay Zone 

On April 15, 2019, the City Council approved Ordinance 1805 creating Chapter 18.54 MX Mixed Use Overlay Zone and rezoning certain properties throughout the City. A copy of Ordinance 1805 includes Exhibit A that contains a copy of the approved development standards associated with the MX Overlay zone. 

View Ordinance 1805 - including the MX development standards

New Zoning Designations (R-5, R-6, R-7) 
On March 18, 2019, the City Council approved Ordinance 1803 that established three new multi-family zoning designations in the City affecting approximately 91 parcels. In addition, changes were made to the multi-family development standards within the Municipal Code. The amendments where approved to maintain a consistency with the La Habra General Plan 2035. View the revised standards:

View LHMC Chapter 18.06 Land Uses (PDF)

View LHMC Chapter 18.26 R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5, R-6 and R-7 Development Standards (PDF)

Duties & Responsibilities
The Planning Division provides information regarding the City's zoning and land use regulations and development standards. The Planning Division coordinates with other City departments in the review of new development projects for regulatory compliance. The Division also analyzes projects and prepares and presents reports to the Planning Commission for its bimonthly meetings.

Other responsibilities include the creation and updating of maps for the public and all City departments including address and street maps, zoning maps and general plan maps. It is the department's mission to provide this assistance in a highly professional and customer service oriented manner.

General Information Packet (updated)