Traffic Bureau

The ultimate goal of the Traffic Bureau is to reduce collisions and in doing so, reduce the number of injuries/deaths that occur as a result of traffic collisions. Vehicular and pedestrian safety is of the utmost importance. This may be achieved through the application of such techniques as geographic/temporal assignment of personnel and equipment and the establishment of preventive patrols to deal with specific categories of unlawful driving behavior. Traffic enforcement techniques are based on collision data, enforcement activity records, traffic volume, and traffic conditions. This department provides enforcement efforts toward violations, not only in proportion to the frequency of their occurrence in collision situations, but also in terms of traffic related needs.

The Traffic Bureau works collaboratively with the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) to ensure that the streets of La Habra are safe from intoxicated and unsafe drivers. The Traffic Bureau regularly performs check points throughout the City as well as directed traffic safety enforcement.

Commercial Enforcement

The Traffic Bureau has a full-time commercial enforcement officer that specializes in enforcing vehicle code violations that pertain to commercial vehicles and their drivers. This type of specialized enforcement is crucial in helping to maintain the safety of other drivers on the roads of La Habra. Commercial vehicles are much heavier than average vehicles and they often carry hazardous cargo through our City. If left unchecked, these commercial vehicles not only prematurely wear our roadways, but their unchecked freight could also place the citizens in inadvertent danger.

Parking Enforcement

The department’s Parking Enforcement Unit is also part of the Traffic Bureau. Parking Enforcement Officers enforce city parking codes including the overnight parking ordinance, street sweeping violations, extended parking and abandoned vehicles.

Please be advised that the City of La Habra has a municipal code (10.20.180 LHMC) that prohibits parking a vehicle on a public roadway in excess of 30 minutes between the hours of 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., UNLESS that vehicle has a parking permit that has been issued by the city. To apply for a permit, please visit the front counter of the Police Department and request an application. This law is also posted at all major entrances to the City of La Habra.

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