Doing Business in La Habra

Before Beginning a Business

Contact the Planning Division to confirm that your business is permitted at your desired location. A careful review of zoning requirements is important before purchasing or leasing a property. We strongly recommend you contact us before signing any lease or expend any funds to make sure the business you want to begin is allowed.

You may need additional clearance from the County of Orange or the State of California. You can schedule an appointment to meet with a planner at 562-383-4100. You can also communicate with the Planning Division by contacting David Lopez by email. For any additional information on setting your business, please visit the La Habra Chamber of Commerce website.

Special Permit Requirements

Some businesses require the approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). These types of businesses require additional review for such things as parking, hours of operation, noise, or large assemblies of people. Typical businesses that require a CUP include:

  • Alcoholic beverage sales
  • Automobile sales and services
  • Gyms, dance, or karate studios
  • Outdoor businesses
  • Restaurants

In addition, the major renovation of a commercial building or property may require the approval of a Design Review Application (PDF). Please consult with Planning Staff if you have any questions or concerns at 562-383-4100.