Permanent Signs

Permanent signs are regulated by the City Municipal Code for size and type, varying on the zone where your business is located. In addition, there may be an approved Sign Program for the property you wish to locate your business within. Where a Sign Program exists, you will be required to comply with the restrictions within that document. Building permits will also be required prior to installing the signs. Please consult with Planning Staff to determine the size and type of sign that is allowed for your location or if a Sign Program exists for the property.

Temporary Signs

Banners are permitted to be used by businesses for 30 days, up to 3 times per year. A banner is limited in size to 45 square feet, or 3 feet by 15 feet. A Banner Permit (PDF) can be obtained from the Planning Division prior to installing the banner. Other types of temporary signs such as inflatables, pennants, streamers, strobe lights, and moving signs generally are not permitted. The use of human signs is not permitted. Please consult with Planning Staff if you have any questions.

Signs on Public Property

Advertising is not permitted to be placed on public property (i.e. the public right-of-way) which includes the sidewalk and the parkway (between the sidewalk and street). The use of human signs is not permitted. Additionally, signs cannot be placed on power poles, sign poles, utility boxes, or other public structures.