DMV Offers Seniors Safe Driving Tips Online

The old saying "life begins at 40" has never been more true than today, with more people living longer, healthier lives than ever before. As seniors continue to stay active well after retirement, the DMV wants to help you maintain your driving independence for as long as you can safely drive.

As part of the Department of Motor Vehicles' (DMV) updated website, a wealth of information and services are now offered online, specifically targeting the senior driver. One of the newest features is the "Senior Guide to Safe Driving", which offers practical strategies for older drivers, their friends, family and caregivers.

Driving Tips for Aging Members of the Community

The reality is that at some point all of us will face a decline in our physical, visual or mental abilities, which will inevitably impact our driving capabilities. The guide contains information regarding physical and mental changes that may affect safe driving and practical strategies for recognizing, understanding, adapting to, and planning for these changes.

Safe driving tips include:

  • Having your vision checked every 2 years or more often if you notice a rapid change in your vision
  • Discussing the effects of medication with your physician or pharmacist if you need to take medication before driving
  • Driving a vehicle with power steering, and if you still have trouble, try using a turning knob, as muscles lose strength and turning the steering wheel gets harder

The senior guide also addresses the reexamination process and procedures including options available should your license be suspended or revoked. You can find out what steps are needed to renew your driver license, such as vision tests, written tests and driving tests if you're 70 years of age or older, and even how to obtain a complimentary identification card if you're over the age of 62!

DMV's Commitment to Citizens

The DMV is committed to protecting all drivers at any age, so take the opportunity to make your life a little easier on the road and log on! For the entire booklet contact your local DMV office at 800-777-0133 to receive the booklet in the mail.