Work Experience

As part of our WIOA Youth Employment Program model, youth may participate in paid work experience (WEX).  WEX is the placement of a youth in a private/public sector job with the wage subsidized through program funds.  Each training worksite is a customized work environment with hands-on supervised training and flexible hours.  If the participant does not have transportation, the training site will be easily accessible by foot or bus.

 Participants  are placed according to their goals and interests. Case Managers and youth review established goals and interests and agree on a suitable worksite.  If the youth does not find a worksite, the case manager will develop an appropriate one to match interests.  Youth may work up to 200 hours during their enrollment in the program.  Many times youth have been hired by their host worksite at the completion of their hours.

 In the past, youth have been placed at Staples, Boys and Girls Club, Party City, Petco, Big Lots, and the City of La Habra.

The Ready SET OC program participates in E-Verify. For additional information, please select the links below:

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The Right to Work