Orange County Workforce Development Board (OCWDB)

In Partnership with the Orange County Board of Supervisors, the OCWDB oversees Orange County’s workforce development activities and establishes programs in response to the workforce needs of Orange County (note: the cities of Santa Ana and Anaheim are governed by their own individual Workforce Investment Boards). The OCWDB is comprised of business leaders and representatives from labor, education, economic development, social services, community-based organizations, rehabilitative agencies, and other community entities. The Orange County Housing & Community Services Department/Community Investment Division (CID) is the administrative entity of the OCDB. The CID provides staff support to the OCWDB and its committees. Customer services are provided by organizations selected through a competitive application or proposal process. 

The OCWDB is charged with both the responsibility to oversee youth funds and activities authorized by WIA to meet the needs of eligible youth ages 17 through 24 and to build a youth workforce development system that aligns the county’s diverse youth related funding streams (WIA and non-WIA) in ways that support countywide efforts to build an effective service delivery system for all youth.

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