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When conducting your job search, it is important to relax. Yeah, that is easier said than done, but how much can you accomplish when you're grinding your teeth, clenching your fists, and eating your third bag of hot Cheetos. We've found that breaking down an overwhelming task, such as looking for a job, into smaller, more manageable tasks can help you feel immediate success, and we all feel relaxed when successful. Where do you begin? Try taking a quick career assessment. Finding out what your interests are can help narrow your job search. Instead of blasting your resume to job after job, narrowing your job search will allow you to specifically target a certain job that fits your personality and skill set. In other words, why waste your time filling out an endless amount of applications to random jobs when you can apply directly to your specific interests. Moreover, finding a job that interests you will make you happy and happy people perform very well at work, and a good work performance may turn into more money and a promotion for you. Each one of these websites offer a free assessment: Live Career

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