Community Build Programs

Community builds are volunteer-driven initiatives designed to improve or enhance a program or property owned or supported by the City. The builds are financially supported by outside sources, such as grants, donations or by fundraiser that are driven by people. Community build members include City staff, individual schools, school districts, non-profits, service organizations, churches, youth groups, businesses, and the general public. The only requirement to participate is the willingness to give of oneself to an effort to enhance a physical site or program supported by the City.

Community builds are a valuable tool for the City, because, in addition to saving City funds, when a community engages in a common goal, a number of outcomes occur: first, a sense of accomplishment and good will toward the project; second, a sense of ownership and contribution toward the project; and third, the reduction of vandalism at the site. If you are interested in applying for a Community Build Project, please download a community build brochure (PDF).