Court Liaison

The Court Liaison Division of the Police Department is the link between the Court and the Police Department and is located at The Superior Court of California Orange County, North Justice Center. The Court Liaison is in charge of preparing the paperwork necessary to file a case with the District Attorney, and is in constant contact with other divisions of the court such as: Traffic Court, Judges, the Court Administration Department as well as consult the Clerk of the Jury Calendar for disposition of cases. They are in charge of collecting property needed by the District Attorney, such as: videos, dispatch tapes, report supplementals, and booking photos. Apart from these duties, the Court Liaison is responsible for the distribution of subpoenas and notifying officers when they are required to appear in court.

Subpoenas and Civil Actions

Subpoenas for records shall be served to the Court Liaison Office located at 1275 N. Berkley Avenue, Fullerton, CA, 92832, Room #474.

Subpoenas for police department personnel appearances should also be served to the Court Liaison Office. A deposit of $275.00 per officer must be included with the appearance subpoena. Civil subpoenas require 5 to 10 days between date of service and actual appearance date.

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