Will I need Fire Department approval?
Certain construction projects require Fire Department plan review and inspections. These include: tenant improvements to buildings equipped with fire sprinklers, new or alterations to kitchen hood fire protection systems, spray and powder coating booths, removal and installation of underground flammable or combustible liquid storage tanks and related piping and detection systems, and photovoltaic systems that cover 50 % or more of the roof. The City of La Habra contracts with Los Angeles County Fire Department to provide fire prevention and suppression services. Should you need their services or have questions, Please contact Jeff Lee, Fire Inspector, at 562-691-9369. He is located at 850 W La Habra Blvd. For new construction or major tenant improvements, please contact the Los Angeles County Fire Prevention Headquarters at 323-890-4125. If you are not sure who to contact at L.A. County Fire Department, let us help you.

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