What type of business requires a Conditional Use Permit?

Each of the different land use zones allow for a certain types of businesses by right, through a Conditional Use Permit, or not permitted at all. If you are not aware of the zoning designation for your property, please contact us at 562-383-4100. Using the Land Use Marix found in the Zoning Code you can find the business you wish to establish and locate your land use designation at the top of the matrix. Should the use require a Conditional Use Permit, please contact us for additional information on the process. If you business is not listed, please contact us for a determination on the use for the zone you wish to locate in. We strongly suggest that you do not sign a lease until you have confirmation from us that your proposed business is allowed on the property. If the use is permitted by right but you wish to make interior building improvements, please contact the Building & Safety Division at 562-383-4116 to determine if building permits are needed. Should improvements be planned for the exterior portion of the building or property, please contact us for confirmation that the improvements will not result in a Zoning Code violation.

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