Do you offer additional activities?

We offer 3 fun STEM related Tour Add-On's. Each activity is 30 minutes and is led by a museum staff member. Tour add-on's are fun and educational activities that connect with any one of our tour themes.

  • Planting 101: Includes a brief lesson on the importance of planting native plants and what pollinators do for our planet. The students plant their own seed in a biodegradable, earth friendly paper pulp pot. The cost is $5.00 per student.
  • Animal Track Mold Making: Students will make an animal track using plaster and water. Animal tracks are a wonderful tool for learning about mysterious wildlife. The cost is $5.00 per student.
  • Mobile Museum: Mobile Museum is a STEM based activity. We have a rigamajig builder kit, a large magnetic wall with ramps and balls, a rainbow pegboard and water table. The students use these tools to engineer their designs. Mobile Museum promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skill. The cost is $3.00 per student.

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5. Do you offer additional activities?
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