What should I do before I begin my business?
Contact the Planning Division to confirm that your business is permitted at your desired location. A careful review of the zoning requirements is important before signing any lease or leasing a property. We strongly recommend you contact us before signing any lease or expend any funds to make sure the business you want to begin is allowed. You can schedule an appointment to meet with a Planner at 562-383-4100. For any additional information on starting your business, please visit the La Habra Chamber of Commerce. La Habra Chamber of Commerce

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1. What should I do before I begin my business?
2. Will I require any special permits to operate my business?
3. What type of business requires a Conditional Use Permit?
4. Does my business require a grease interceptor?
5. Who needs a Business License?
6. Do I need City approval to make changes to the building or property?
7. What type of permanent signs can I use?
8. What type of temporary signs can I use?
9. Can I place signs on public property?
10. Can I have outdoor sales or an outdoor event?