Water Rebates - Commercial

Take advantage of limited time rebate offers on qualifying devices. Please call the Municipal Water District of Orange County at (714) 963-3058 or visit the Orange County Water Smart website to learn about rebates for:

Attention: Rebates are subject to grant funding. Rebate funds may be exhausted at any time.

  • Outdoor Rebates
    • Large Rotary Nozzles
    • Drip Irrigation
    • Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles
    • Turf Removal
    • Smart Sprinkler Timers and Central Computer Irrigation Controller Systems
    • Soil Moisture Sensor Controller
    • In-stem Flow Regulators
  • Indoor Rebates
    • Premium High Efficiency Toilets
    • Ultra Low and Zero Water Urinals
    • Food Steamers
    • Ice Machines
    • Cooling Tower Conductivity and PH Controllers
    • Dry Vacuum Pump
    • Laminar Flow Restrictor
    • Plumbing Flow Control Valves

Outdoor Rebates

Large Rotary Nozzles

Commonly used to irrigate golf courses and other open landscapes, large rotary nozzles provide high distribution uniformity.

Drip Irrigation

Water your landscape more efficiently and save water by converting areas irrigated by spray heads to drip irrigation. Rather than spraying wide areas, drip systems utilize emitters to deliver water to specific locations at or near plant root zones.

Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles

Upgrade to rotating sprinkler nozzles that water more evenly and efficiently than traditional pop-up spray heads.

Turf Removal

The Turf Removal Program offers incentives to replace existing irrigated turf with California-native, drought-tolerant plants and landscape. This simple step can significantly reduce water use, lower your water bills, and help eliminate water runoff from your property.

Smart Sprinkler Timers and Central Computer Irrigation Controller Systems

Choose a weather-based irrigation controller that adjusts the watering schedule based on current weather conditions.

Soil Moisture Sensor Controller

Soil moisture sensor controllers are placed below ground in the root zones of lawns and landscapes to determine if and how long to water. They are available as stand-alone controllers or add-on devices to existing controllers.

In-stem Flow Regulators

Control water flow in irrigation systems at the sprinkler head. Great for parks, office complexes, and other commercial applications.

Indoor Rebates

Premium High-Efficiency Toilets

Replace old toilets with premium high-efficiency toilet models that use just 1.06 gallons or less per flush while maintaining high-performance standards.

Ultra Low and Zero Water Urinals

Ultra low and zero water urinals provide effective, low-maintenance flushing in public restrooms while greatly reducing water use.

Food Steamers

Restaurants often use food steamers to maintain or warm food. Recently, new water-efficient, connectionless (pressure-less) food steamers, which have no water line or sewer discharge line, have been developed.

Ice Machines

Your existing water-cooled ice makers use more water to cool the system than to make the ice itself. This cooling water goes straight down the drain. Air-cooled ice machines use less energy and water and make ice more quickly and efficiently.

Cooling Tower Conductivity & PH Controllers

If your conductivity controller is more than 5 years old, it may be losing efficiency. Additionally, installing a state-of-the-art integrated pH Conductivity Controller will allow you to upgrade your cooling tower water treatment by adding chemicals that control the pH in the system. Upgrade today and save up to 40% on water costs.

Dry Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps are used in many business, including dental and medical practices; manufacturing such as petrochemical and pharmaceutical; as well as food and medical applications for drying and distilling.

Laminar Flow Restrictor

Retrofitting your existing sinks with Laminar Flow Restrictors can save up to 7,500 gallons per device.

Plumbing Flow Control Valves

Plumbing Flow Control Valves, which are used under sinks or before the showerhead, are designed to maintain water pressure while reducing water flow by up to 60% in faucets and showers.

To Apply For Rebates

To learn more details about the rebate programs and to apply, please visit the Socal WaterSmart website.

  • Applications
  • Potential rebate amount
  • Program description
  • Restrictions and eligibility requirements