Bulky Item Collection

Collection Options

City of La Habra single-family unit residents are entitled to four (4) free bulky item pickups per year. Multi-family unit residents also get four (4) free bulky item pickups  per year per unit. For each pickup, CR&R Incorporated, the City's waste contractor, will retrieve up to 4 large items or 20 plastic bags of refuse or bundles of yard waste (less than 50 pounds each) per pickup. Additional pickups are available for a nominal fee.

Commercial properties may request bulky item pickups on a per item basis. There is a nominal fee charged for the first two items items and a smaller fee for each additional item.

Types of Bulky Items

Bulky items include large, hard-to-handle items such as furniture, major appliances, and other household items that can only be moved by 2 or more individuals.

Make a Pickup Appointment

Bulky item collection pickups are by appointment only. For more information on the bulky item collection program or to schedule a pickup, contact the CR&R, Incorporated Customer Service Center at 562-694-3730 or 866-742-8850.