Centennial Farm

baby girl on tractor

Centennial Farm is a place where visitors big and small can get a greater understanding of our food supply chain, food source origins, farm life style, healthy food choices and the value of healthy play. The gallery will represent a kid friendly farm scene from the early 1920s, with a farmhouse, barn, tractor shed, chicken coop, bee hive, citrus and avocado orchard, farm stand, pond, garden, climbing tree and various animals.

Centennial Farm is also a wonderful opportunity for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of La Habra and helping visitors understand the community and lifestyle of one hundred years ago. Part of the design will incorporate details which denote the agricultural history of the City of La Habra, and the historic Hispanic demographic of the area. Built into each section will be enriching elements to foster child development, with the target audience at ages toddler to 6 years. Informational graphics in each section will be in both English and Spanish.

Centennial Farm currently features the following elements:

Farm House - A 1920 Victorian style farm house with furnishings of the era for lots of pretend play. 

Vegetable Garden & Tool Shed - Raised pretend soil beds and with root vegetables and a small pretend tool shed with farming accessories. 

Orchard & Fruit Stand - Citrus trees full of oranges, lemons and avocados ready for harvesting. 

Play Pond - Soft rubberized sculpted area for crawlers and early walkers with log benches on the outer rim for parents to sit and watch their little ones explore.

Chicken Coop - A mini chicken coop with plush hens and eggs that can be collected, counted and used in the mini farm kitchen area.

As funding become available the following elements will be added: 
Tractor Shed - A shed to house John Deere tractor style scooters, play trucks, and farm equipment. It will also feature 3-D corn stalks with removable ears, imitation plowed furrows, model sheep and goats.

Cow Barn & Bee Hive - A traditional style “Red Barn” with real farm sound effects will house a small hay loft, buckets, stools, butter churning equipment and a model cow. The barn will provide visuals that discuss the farm-to-store process and home dairy consumption such as drinking milk, home churned butter and cheese making.  A bee hive, with bee life cycle representation will also be on the wall, as well as honey production elements. 

Pig Pen & Reading Tree Nook - A pig pen with a model pig surrounds a large hollow tree where kids can sit inside and pick one of many favorite children's books from the shelf to read. 

If you would like to donate to the Centennial Farm fund please click here to make your contribution!