Our Philosophy

City of La Habra, Child Development Division believes that children are capable and competent people. We believe that all children are individuals of equal worth and value, who come to the program at their own developmental level and bring with them a unique mixture of family background, language, culture, personality, and learning styles. Our teachers are committed to maximizing children's potential and their enjoyment of life. Our Program develops children's disposition for life-long learning. Curiosity, resourcefulness, persistence, problem solving, and creativity are encouraged. These dispositions enable children to be active participants in education throughout their lives.

Our staff creates a community or learners, children and their teachers, who explore the world together. Children gain knowledge and develop skills in a play-type of environment. A play-based Curriculum, High/Scope, inspired by the educational and developmental theories of Piaget, Vygotsky, Dewey, and Erickson encourages children to explore, experiment, and construct knowledge from their play. We strive to serve all children and constantly seek ways to accommodate the unique needs of the populations served by the program.

Woman Reading Dr. Seuss to Kids